Tips for Working During Pregnancy

Tips for Working During PregnancyIf you are a working woman who is about to enter parenthood or who is already pregnant here is what you need to know.

Symptoms associated to pregnancy

Being pregnant can be a wonderful experience in a woman’s life. However, pregnancy can come with some challenges for moms to-be including morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, headache, mood swings, anxiety, depression and much more.
Symptoms of pregnancy are different for every woman. These symptoms can make it difficult for some women to continue working at their jobs while some are able to manage working up until their due date.

Dos and Don’ts for Working During Pregnancy

  • According to March of Dimes, your working environment needs to be free from all kinds of harmful chemicals and higher levels of radiation because these radiations and chemicals can cause abnormalities in your unborn child.
  • Your job must not include lifting heavy objects or standing for long durations of time. Choosing to neglect these precautions could harm your baby and in extreme cases may even prove fatal.
  • You may notice that your feet are growing along with your baby bump. This is because fluid retention in your body is another gift of pregnancy which leads to swollen extremities, mainly ankles and feet. So you must wear comfortable shoes to your work place and never exert yourself.
  • You must never miss any of you prenatal checkup appointments with your doctor because of your work routine. Also never hesitate to call your gynecologist if experience any trouble.
  • Do not miss any dose of your prescribed multivitamins as these are important for the normal growth of your baby inside the womb.
  • Always remember to take time out from your routine for yoga or some light exercise.
  • Plan your maternity leave and delivery properly. Pack your maternity bag.

During pregnancy, the one person that you must take care of is yourself. So you must never overexert yourself no matter what. If your job is causing trouble for you, talk to your employer.

Legal Protection for Working Pregnant Women

According to U.S. Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, a pregnant woman must not be denied any benefits at the workplace. It is against law to discriminate a pregnant woman based on her medical condition.

Bed-Rest During Pregnancy

In some cases, pregnant women are advised complete bed rest because of some pregnancy related complications. If you have been told to take bed rest, you must do it properly as the safety of the mother and child comes before anything else.
There is no harm in working during pregnancy if the above mentioned factors are taken into account. Extra care to the mom to-be is crucial to reduce any associated risks including birth defects or premature birth. Always follow the instructions or your healthcare provider throughout your pregnancy. To book a prenatal appointment with Brownsville Center of Obstetrics & Gynecology call (956) 548-1959 or book online now!